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The Encanto Vista and Encanto Manor Historic Districts in Phoenix Arizona

"...We are cheating here and lumping two distinct historic districts together. Neither is large and we want you to find a house when you do a search for homes for sale!..."


Encanto Vista Historic District boundaries are roughly: Windsor Avenue, Encanto Boulevard, 7th and 8th avenues.
Encanto Manor Historic District boundaries are roughly: Thomas Road and Windsor, 7th and 15th avenues.

We are cheating here and lumping two distinct historic districts together. (Neither is large and we want you to find a house when you do a search for homes for sale!) Together, there are roughly 150 homes in these two districts that share the impressive green space of Encanto Park on their edges.

Homes in Encanto Vista and Encanto Manor are generally Ranch style. If you haven’t ventured off the main drags of Thomas Road and 7th Avenue to discover these two lovely pockets of historic homes, it may be time that you did.

Encanto Vista Historic District, west of Seventh Avenue and just south of Thomas Road, is only one block wide and six blocks long. Encanto Vista isn’t large, but with neighbors like Encanto Palmcroft Historic District to the south of Encanto Boulevard, Encanto Manor Historic District to the north of Windsor, and Willo Historic District on the eastern side of 7th Avenue, Encanto Vista is part of an extended historic area in central Phoenix.

Just minutes from downtown Phoenix yet off the beaten urban path, Encanto Vista Historic District is a quiet enclave of well-loved homes on horseshoe-shaped streets that respect the Encanto Golf Course to the west and circle around to drop cars back on Seventh Avenue. The streets were designed to provide green space and privacy from through traffic, and they do that job very well.
Homes in Encanto Vista, built between the mid 40s and late 50s, are mostly well-built, clean-lined Ranch style homes with detached garages at the back, often for two cars. A handful of high-style, architect-designed homes are scattered in for interest. Stepping away from the older, historic Bungalow-style neighborhoods Encanto Vista takes a giant step closer to Arizona’s modern suburban lifestyle (so you are more apt to find a rear patio here than a deep front porch).

Square footage is generous, averaging 1900 square feet, usually with at least 3 bedrooms and 2 baths. These ranches were geared toward the middle and upper-middle class families of the time and still sell at the higher end due to their size, construction quality, proximity to downtown, gorgeous mature landscapes and green front lawns, and –of course-- the views of Encanto Park’s wide-open green space.

ENCANTO VISTA, by azcentral

Location: Bounded by Windsor Avenue and Encanto Boulevard, Seventh and Eighth avenues. Developed between 1943-1953.

When developers planned Encanto Vista, they zeroed in on a key selling point for the neighborhood: Encanto Golf Course. Decades later, that amenity is still a favorite among some residents.

"You can look out and see the golf course and see the palm trees. It's just really a nice place to live," said Jean Hicks, a real-estate agent who has lived in the neighborhood since 1960.

Hicks has owned two homes in Encanto Vista, and her current one, on Cambridge Avenue, is a 1942 ranch-style house with a front porch. Spacious by historical-neighborhood standards, the 2,000-square-foot home boasts three bedrooms, two baths, formal living and dining rooms and a family room.

Hicks enjoys the central-city location but is quick to note that the neighborhood is still a quiet place to live, something that drew her there in the first place.

Encanto Vista is among the smaller historical neighborhoods in Phoenix, with about 80 homes shoehorned between Seventh Avenue and the golf course. When original landowner James W. Dorris sold the property in 1943, he decreed that the new owner build only a "high-class development," city records show. Indeed, the neighborhood's large lots and homes immediately attracted a Phoenix mayor, prominent architects, business leaders and others.

Encanto Manor Historic District homes lie mostly along Edgemont Avenue, just south of Thomas Road between 8th and 15th avenues. The Encanto Golf Course lies in the back yards of the homes on the south side of Edgemont; homes on the north side of Edgemont seem more partial to Phoenix College just north of Thomas.

Built between 1945 and 1950, just a bit earlier than the homes in Encanto Vista, the majority of the houses in Encanto Manor are Ranch or Transitional Ranch in style with small stylistic details . Shutters and awnings, and mature shade trees in green lawns, give Encanto Manor a hint of “back east” flavor.

Square footage is generous, averaging 2000 square feet, usually with at least 3 bedrooms and two baths. Twenty-six of the homes directly abut the golf course, and no house in Encanto Manor is more than one block away from it.

Encanto Manor Historic District is not large but it is part of a larger quilt of historic neighborhoods in this part of town. To the north of Encanto Manor, just across Thomas Road, you’ll find Phoenix College and the Campus Vista Historic District. Across 15th Avenue to the west is the Margarita Place Historic District, another small but charming residential neighborhood. A short distance northwest of Encanto Manor you’ll find the North Encanto Historic District, a larger residential neighborhood of clean Ranch-style homes. And, as we already mentioned, Encanto Vista Historic District to the southeast is a kissing cousin to Encanto Manor Historic District. Any one of these neighborhoods are worth looking into if you like the green-lawned, residential flavor of post-WWII neighborhoods in Phoenix.

PS Both Encanto Vista and Encanto Manor might be considered kid heaven, with the Enchanted Island amusement park, paddleboats and public swimming pools of Encanto Park just a walk away. Junior golf lessons are also available at the Encanto 18 Golf Course. And for busy parents on a tight schedule, a second 9-hole executive course is just a mile away to the west of 15th Avenue.


Location: Bounded by Thomas Road and Windsor Avenue, Seventh and 15th avenues. Developed between 1945-1959.

When developers began planning Encanto Manor after World War II, they enticed homeowners with promises of "luxurious living."

They offered generous lots that could accommodate rambling, custom-designed ranch-style homes and ample front yards. Would-be residents could also take advantage of one of the city's crown jewels just to the south, the sprawling Encanto Park and its golf course.

Ultimately, developers built about 80 homes in Encanto Manor, a neighborhood still largely intact and unchanged. Well-kept homes, with welcoming front patios and yards, line the streets. Residents can walk to such neighborhood eateries as the Persian Garden Cafe or shops like Southwest Gardener.

The centerpiece of the neighborhood remains the 1911 Dorris House, a stunning Mission Revival-style house facing Seventh Avenue that is part of Encanto Community Church.

James W. Dorris, a wealthy grocer, owned more than 300 acres of land in the area and had grand plans to build a hotel and 18-holf golf course. But the project never got off the ground, and Dorris ultimately sold off land to developers for neighborhoods like Encanto Manor, city historical records show.

Encanto Park is a 222-acre oasis with picnic areas, a lagoon, boat house, swimming pool, nature trail, urban fishing and two golf courses. http://phoenix.gov/PARKS/encanto.html
Encanto 18 Golf Course: http://phoenix.gov/recreation/rec/facilities/golf/golfcourses/encanto/index.html
Encanto 9 Golf Course: http://phoenix.gov/recreation/rec/facilities/golf/golfcourses/encanto9/index.html
For young kids, Enchanted Island offers rides and a variety of popular attractions geared toward children aged 1 to 10. http://www.enchantedisland.com/
The tree-lined campus of Phoenix College blends traditional historic buildings with a modern library and computer lab, a performing arts theatre, culinary café, gymnasium and fitness center. http://www.pc.maricopa.edu/

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